#WHENNING = Exposure + Support

Can a person become something that they have not been exposed to? Even if exposed, are there favorable odds that an individual will successfully reach their goal without a foundation of support? We believe the answers to both questions are no. If we never read or met someone that told us that the color blue was blue, would blue ever exist in our individual world? If one did read or meet someone that told them that the color blue was blue, but everyone else they met, everything else they read, and everything they saw on television supported that the color blue was actually red, is it likely that blue would be blue in their world? No.

In the 10th grade Rapha’s founder & executive director, Troy J. Wilson, had a 0.28 grade point average. Not long after earning that average he was stretched out on a Detroit hospital bed dying from an overdose of a blend of marijuana called “Angel Dust”. Today, that same man has four college degrees including an MBA & law degree from the University of Houston. Not the typical outcome one would expect from the previously mentioned scenarios. How did such a farfetched development occur in our executive director’s life?

When failing so bad that he was going to be forced out of high school, his school principal didn’t give up on him and found a way to keep him in school. When he was doing poorly, a teacher named Joyce Thompson encouraged him and helped him to attend night school for additional help. When he became involved in the Detroit street life of drugs, and was robbing homes, baseball coach Willie Braggs drafted him to his team & even when Troy moved across town he continued to pick him up. When he was in danger of falling back into the same lifestyle, the Avery family began to take him to church, and teach him principles that he would use for the rest of his life. When all he knew was shotgun type houses & the rundown neighborhoods of the ghetto, Nancy Gaunchy began to expose him to her lifestyle of wealth in an area called Grosse Pointe. When the poverty of his family was going to make him a college dropout, his church family paid off his tuition.

Exposure and support is how such a farfetched development occurs. These are at the root of every program & partnership Rapha Community Initiatives has. We are working to be the ‘when’ in the lives of individuals in the local Alief community of Houston and internationally. What happened in the life of our founder can be duplicated. With our effort & your support #Whenning is possible.


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Rashard Lewis vs. The City of Houston Youth

Rashard Lewis, RL9 Sports Marketing, J Xavier, and more hosted a wonderful night for our youth & provided several basketball camp sponsorships.